The Professor and the Madman: When A Journalist Tries To Write History

The book in question in this review is The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary by Simon Winchester. It is a book that is supposedly about the making of the Oxford English Dictionary; or, at least, that is what one might assume considering the... Continue Reading →

Salinger: A Perfect Day for Bananafish

A Perfect Day for Bananafish: A Plot Twist That Doesn’t Exist A Perfect Day for Bananafish, the first story of Nine Stories by Salinger, has one of those shock endings that is hard to forget. It seemingly comes out of nowhere; most of the story seems rather light-hearted, and even playful at times. The dark,... Continue Reading →

Saga: Issue 37

New Story Arc, New Adventures The Saga comic series is one that is gaining consistent interest and admiration within the comic book world - and there is good reason for it. Last August, with the release of issue 37, a new story arc has been started. The issue starts off just as a Saga reader... Continue Reading →

Charlotte Perkins-Gilman: The Yellow Wallpaper

Issues of Suppression in The Yellow Wallpaper The Yellow Wallpaper is a very important work in areas such as feminism and mental health awareness. Primarily, it addresses issues of suppression by patriarchal powers upon women and, especially, women who may suffer from problems with mental health. This essay seeks to make clear the ways that... Continue Reading →

James Joyce: The Dead

The Death of Ireland In the short story entitled The Dead by Joyce, one might wonder - is anyone really alive? Is anything really alive? It is the onset of winter, right around Christmas, and all of Ireland is covered in snow. The majority of the story takes place in Julia and Kate’s home where... Continue Reading →

Sense and Sensibility: Part 2

The Work of Modernity in Norland Park Norland Park has not been the focus of much of Sense and Sensibility, other than the first few chapters, but it plays a major role in one of the themes of the book - this is the theme of the new, modern, and rich world, versus the older... Continue Reading →

Sense and Sensibility: Part 1

Marianne and the Patriarchal Binary System It literature, oftentimes, there are many binaries. Nature versus culture, female and male, and emotion as opposed to reason are just a few of these. However, despite that there are these individual binaries, they oftentimes fit into one larger, more overarching binary. This is a binary that has been... Continue Reading →

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